The Portal


The E-Payment Portal is a new Service provided to all Citizens

The Ghana E-Payment Portal (GEPP) is an online platform for the payment of Government of Ghana (GoG) services by Ghanaian Citizens and all other individuals and/or corporate entities conducting business with GoG.  

GEPP is being deployed on a pilot phase under the leadership of the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) of the Ministry of Communications; as part of the World Bank funded e-Ghana Project.

The vision of the e-Payment portal is to broaden the scope of payment options, streamline payment processes and improve efficiency specifically relating to payments and generally in the service provisioning for all Government Departments (MDA´s) that deliver services to the general public in Ghana. It is envisaged that this will shorten queues, encourage payment for government services, increase the public accessibility and eventually increase the volume of business between the government and citizens in Ghana.

The e-Payment Portal offers payment of fixed fees, tangible goods, services payments and payment for Ad hoc services. Payments for taxes are also supported. The Agencies participating in the initial phase are:

  •  Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA)
  •  Births & Deaths Registry (BDR)
  •  Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)
  •  Food & Drugs Authority (FDA)
  •  Ghana Police Criminal Investigation (CID)
  •  Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA)
  •  Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA)
  •  Minerals Commission (MC)
  •  National Communications Authority (NCA)
  •  National Identification Authority (NIA)
  •  Passport Office (PO)
  •  Registrar General’s Department (RGD)
  •  Public Procurement Authority (PPA)

The payment platform is designed to accept various payment types, such as:

  •  Debit/Credit Cards (international) – VISA
  •  Debit/Credit Cards (Local – Ghana)
  •  Cheques
  •  Cash & Vouchers
  •  Mobile Payments
  •  Bank Transfer
  •  Others – Paypal, etc.

Not all payment types are possible immediately, as and when the respective processing partners become available, they will be activated. At all times, available payment types will be clearly stated on the home page. The Portal supports a unique way of making payments requested online with Cash or Cheque
- please read the "How it works.." section under Cash and Cheque for details.