Local & Foreign Transfer

E-Payment accepts electronic payments to a dedicated central NITA E-Payment bank account. Payments can be made both from within Ghana or abroad (international). Once you choose this type of payment the requisite NITA E-Payment bank account details are displayed and also sent to you via E-Mail. Kindly allow for a few days of transfer and payment processing until your payment is acknowledged and your Order is marked as paid. Typical transfers are estimated at: Local Transfers -> 1-2 Working Days / Foreign (International) Transfers ->  3-5 Working Days.

Please note: Transfer must be made within 30 days from order date. If payment is not received within 30 days, the order will be deleted!


Payment Type:   Local & Foreign Bank Transfer

Availability:         10/2014


How it works:   You are provided with the requisite account data to initiate an electronic bank transfer to NITA E-Payment bank account.

The Payment Process:

1. When checking out select "Bank Transfer" from the payment options displayed.

2. A window opens and displays all necessary data required to make an electronic account to account transfer.

 PayOpt Payall

3. Continue to the "Order Review" page & confirm your Order details and the "Terms of Use".

4. E-Payment will send you an E-Mail containing the same information and mark the Order as "Pending payment".

5. Please initiate the transfer from your account using the NITA E-Payment account data provided.

6. As soon as payment is received by E-Payment the Portal will send you an E-Mail to confirm payment reception.

7. Your Order status is changed to "Paid, Order processing".