The e-Payment Portal is connected with eTranzact, one of the most innovative Payment Providers in Ghana. Details on the Payment methods supported by eTranzact and how to get an eTranzact account are described below.


Payment Type:   eTranzact Cards

Availability:         10/2014

How it works:   Payment is accepted through any eTranzact Card. Cards are issued by eTranzact Partner Banks / Financial Institutions. To open an eTranzact account and receive your eTranzact Card please contact any one of the following Partners:

  •  Access Bank
  •  Bank of Africa
  •  Energy Bank
  •  GCB
  •  Midland Savings and Loan Ltd.
  •  UBA
  •  UT Bank
  •  Vision World Microfinance Ltd.
  •  WWBG
  •  Zenith Bank

The Payment Process:

1. When checking out select "eTranzact" from the payment options displayed.

PayOpt eTranz

2. Move on to "Order Review" and confirm your Order details and the "Terms of Use".

3. You are now redirected to an external eTranzact payment screen.

a) To choose your eTranzact Card for payment select "Card" on top left. Enter your Card number and Expiry Date. Then use the displayed PinPad to enter your 4-digit PIN code and press "Submit".

PayCard eTranz

b) Alternatively you can choose Mobile Payment (eTranzact Mobile Account required). Select "Mobile Phone" on top left and your issuing Bank. Then enter your Mobile Phone Number before pressing "Submit".

PayMob eTranz

4. Your payment is now processed and E-Payment will send you an E-Mail to confirm the payment.

5. Your Order status is set to "Paid - Order processing" and your Order is processed.