Cash & Cheque

PAYALLAs of today the majority of Government Customers in Ghana does not own any means of Electronic Payment but rather uses Cash or Cheques to settle bills. In consideration of this fact the Ghana e-Payment Portal has integrated Payall, a national payment network that is currently being deployed in Ghana. Through Payall, the customer is able to request any service of the Portal online and make payment at any Payall Payment Point at close distance. Details on the respective payment processes are outlined below.

Please note: Payment must be made within 30 days from order date. If payment is not received within 30 days, the order will be deleted!



Payment Type:   Cash Payment

Availability:         10/2014


Payment Type:   Cheque Payment

Availability:         10/2014

How it works:     Payment is accepted at any Payall Payment Point. Please go to to identify the Payment Point closest to your location.

The Payment Process:

1. When checking out select "Cash & Cheque" from the payment options displayed.

PayOpt Payall

2. Move on to "Order Review" and confirm your Order details together with the "Terms of Use".

3. You are redirected to the "Payall" Order confirmation site.


4. If you are a registered Payall customer you may log in with your existing Payall ID; else click "Proceed without login".

5. The screen now displays your Order ID and payment amount. You can now select to print and save a Pdf document with this information or request for an SMS or E-Mail to be sent to you.


6. Clicking "Go back to E-Payment" will bring you back to the E-Payment Portal. Your Order is set to status "Pending Payment".

7. Approach your closest Payall Payment Agent to make your Cash or Cheque Payment. Please check the Payall website for Agent Locations and Information on the Payment Process. All you need is the Order ID and amount provided by E-Payment.

8. Once you have made Payment through Payall, your E-Payment Order is set to status "Paid - Order processing" and a E-Mail is sent to you confirming the payment in real time.

9. Your Order is now processed and you will be notfied once processing completed.