Bank Transfer

The Ghana e-Payment Portal is currently processing through some selected local banks in ghana to enable convenient payment for products and services with bank transfer . Available July  2017. Please subscribe to our Newsletter to receive first hand information on the availability of Bank Transfer  payments. Details on the respective payment processes are described below.


GTBank - Banktransfer 

Payment Type: BankTransfer (GTBank)

Availability:    07/2017

How it works:    Acceptance of GTBank Banktransfer  Payments is introduced in the course of 2017. GTBank Banktransfer payments are processed the same way as other Bank transfer Payments. On Checkout select BankTransfer (GTBank) Payment and submit. BankTransfer (GTBank) payment is authorized in real time and you will be instantly notified of a successful payment.


The Payment Process:

1.  When checking out select "BankTransfer (GTBank) " from the payment options displayed.

2. Move on to "Order Review" and confirm your Order details and the "Terms of Use". 

3. You are now redirected to an external screen where your order details and other relevant details will be showing, you are then asked to paylater or proceed with payments.

4. pay later : when this option is chosen the order details will be sent to customer's email account provided on and payments can be made later at any GTbank branch or internet banking portal.

gt bank transfer

5. proceed to payment: When this option is selected applicant is redirected to GT Bank internet banking portal to make payment. 

gt bank transfer


6. Opon payment completion ; payment is confirmed and session ends.

5. Your Order status is set to "Paid - Order is processed".

6. An E-Mail is sent to your registered mail address confirming the payment.