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AMA Logo AMA - Accra Metropolitan Assembly

AMA provides citizens with services for the Accra Metropolitan Area. Services include taxi licenses, business operating and building permits, outdoor advertisement, and services related to road maintenanc and waste management.

All current AMA Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-665951


BDR BDR - Births and Deaths Registry

The Births and Deaths Registry has the general responsibility of handling and developing the Births and Deaths Registration System in the country. It was established by the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1965 (Act301) in response to the realization of the important uses to which population statistics generated on a continuous and permanent basis could be put. These include administrative, demographic estimates, research and socio-economic planning purposes.

All current BDR Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-665421 Ext. 2342

DVLA LOGO DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority

The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is a semi-autonomous public sector organization under the Ministry of Transportation. It was established by Act 569 of 1999 to be responsible for ensuring safety on our roads. Before the enactment of the DVLA Act, the Department was called Vehicle Examination & Licensing Division (VELD).  The mandate of the Authority as provided in the DVLA Act is to promote good driving standards in the country, and ensuring safety of vehicles on roads and to provide for related matters.

All current DVLA Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-665421 Ext. 2342

FDB Logo FDB - Food and Drugs Board

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) was established by the Food and Drugs Law 1992, PNDCL 305B. This law has since been amended by the Food and Drugs (Amendment) Act 523,1996 to provide for the fortification of salt to alleviate nutritional deficiencies and to bring the provisions of the law in conformity with the 1992 constitution, and provide for related issues.

All current FDB Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-233200 / 0302-235100


Ghana Mining LOGO Ghana Mining - Minerals Commission

The Minerals Commission is a government agency established under Article 269 of the 1992 Constitution and the Minerals Commission Act. It is the main promotional and regulatory body for the minerals sector in Ghana and is responsible for “the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the coordination and implementation of policies relating to mining. It also ensures compliance with Ghana's Mining and Mineral Laws and Regulation through effective monitoring.

Contact: 0302-773053


CID LOGO Ghana Police - Criminal Investigation Department CID

The Gold Coast Police Force now called the Police Service was Formed in 1894 but the real police work started in the then Gold Coast, now the Republic of Ghana, in the year 1921. The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service works in plain clothes. The personnel of this branch are employed as specialists in connection with various aspects of crime detection.

All current CID Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-761250 / 0302-773906


GRA LOGO GRA - Ghana Revenue Authority

In December 2009, the three tax revenue agencies, the Customs, Excise and Preventive Service (CEPS), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Value Added Tax Service (VATS) and the Revenue Agencies Governing Board (RAGB) Secretariat were merged in accordance with Ghana Revenue Authority Act 2009, Act 791. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) thus replaces the revenue agencies in the administration of taxes and customs duties in the country.

Contact: 0302-686106 / 0302-684363


GTA LOGO GTA - Ghana Tourism Authority

The Ghana Tourism Authority was established by Tourism Act, 2011 (Act 817) as the main implemeting body of the Ministry of Tourism. It replaced the Ghana Tourist Board which was established 1973. Its mission is to ensure sustainable tourism development through the creation of an enabling environment for the provision of quality tourism facilities and services for the traveling public with a well-qualified, highly motivated and dedicated work force and thereby promoting tourism to become the leading sector of the economy.

All current GTA Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-222153 / 0302-244794


NCA LOGO NCA - National Communication Authority

The National Communication Authority (NCA) was established by the National Communications Act 1996 Act 524, now repealed by the National Communications Authority Act of 2008, Act 769 to regulate communications by wire, cable, radio, television, satellite and similar means of technology for the orderly development and operation of efficient communications services in Ghana.

Contact: 0302-773053

 MOFEP LOGO MFA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Regional Integration - Passport Office

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration core function is to advise and assist Government in the formulation and implementation of Ghana's foreign policy objectives, including through proffering advice on policy option in response to unfolding international situations and events.

All current MFA Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-664952 + 0302-20 1000/1001/1002/1003/1004/1005

 NIA LOGO NIA - National Identification Authority

The Authority is not only to establish a national register which will serve as a single source of credible population related data for national development, but it is to provide key transformational platform for integrating and redefining public and private sector service delivery approaches.



RGD LOGO RGD - Registrar General´s Department

The Registrar General's Department was established under the Ordinance 1950 during the Colonial days. It became a department of the Ministry of Justice in 1961. We are also mandated by the Government to ensure an efficient and effective administration of entities inter - alia the registration of businesses, industrial property, marriages, administration of estates, and public trustees, to provide customer friendly services and accurate data for national planning.

All current RGD Fees & Charges are available here.

Contact: 0302-776621 / 0302-771701