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 NITA NITA - The National Information Technology Agency

The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) is a public service institution established by Act 771 in 2008 as the ICT policy implementing arm of the Ministry of Communications. NITA is the agency responsible for implementing Ghana’s IT policies. Its mandate includes identifying, promoting and developing innovative technologies, standards, guidelines and practices among government agencies and local governments, as well as ensuring the sustainable growth of ICT via research & development planning and technology acquisition strategies to facilitate Ghana’s prospect of becoming a technology-driven, knowledge-and values-based economy as espoused in the e-Ghana project which ideally seeks to assist the Government generate growth and employment, by leveraging ICT and public-private partnerships. The establishment of the National Information Technology Agency is essential for e-Government to take off in Ghana. E-Government, being an essential component of the e-Ghana project will contribute to improved efficiency, transparency and accountability in selected Government functions. The objects are:

  •  to regulate the provision of information technology
  •  ensure the provision of quality IT communications
  •  promote standards of efficiency
  •  ensure high quality of service

NITA is leading the implementation of the Ghana E-Payment Payment Portal and coordinates with all stakeholders to ensure its smooth running.

Contact: 0302-661777


GHIPSS GHIPSS - The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited

The Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Ghana. It was incorporated in May 2007 with a mandate to implement and manage interoperable payment system infrastructures for banks and non bank financial institutions in Ghana.

In line with its mandate, GhIPSS has implemented and currently manages the National Switch and Biometric Smart Card Payment System, e-zwich and the Cheque Codeline Clearing (CCC) and Automated Clearing House (GACH) systems. The former switches and settles automated banking and payment transactions while the latter systems handle the electronic clearing of cheques and the processing and settlement of bulk debit and credit transfers between banks.

More recently, GhIPSS has introduced Gh-link which is GhIPSS’ interbank switching and processing system that interconnects switches of financial institutions and systems of third party institutions. Gh-link enables GhIPSS to offer services such as Settlement, Hosting, e-commerce, Interbank POS and Interbank ATM switching.

GhIPSS is committed to maintaining very high standards of excellence, reliability, integrity, and timeliness for all its infrastructure by GhIPSS. These standards have enabled GhIPSS to attain ISO27001 certification within two years of commencement of business. GhIPSS’ payment infrastructure is currently used by all banks in Ghana including Rural and Community Banks and Savings and Loans.

Contact: 0302-665421 Ext. 2342