Order Problems

What do I do if:

A Product can not be added to the Cart?

If a physical product is marked "out of stock" by the MDA providing the product you are temporarily unable to add the product to your shopping cart. Please contact your MDA for availability.

I do not get Confirmation for my Online Payment with Debit/Credit Card, eTranzact or Mobile Money?

Please read the error message provided by your payment provider. Your payment may have been rejected by the Provider. Please choose a different payment type or contact your payment provider. In rare cases the link to the payment provider may be unavailable and a "connection error" is displayed.

I am not getting a Payment Confirmation by E-Mail?

E-Payment instantly sends you a confirmation mail to the mail account registered in your account settings. If you do not receive this mail please check (in this order) your internet connectivity and your mail provider availability. If both is fine please contact E-Payment via the "Contact Form".

My Service Request is not processed by the MDA?

The MDA you requested the service from may have requested further information to process your service request. Please check your mail account for requests from the MDA. If you did not receive and requests please look up the MDA´s contact number under "Partners/MDA" and contact the MDA. Make sure you have your Order-ID readily available.

I do not get a Delivery of my physical Good(s) ordered?

Please check the shipping details stated in your order confirmation mail from E-Payment. If data are correct and the estimated shipping time has expired please look up your courier contact number under "Partners/Shipping Partners" and contact the shipper. Make sure you have your Order-ID readily available.