Shipping & Delivery


Which Products or Services can be shipped/delivered to me?

As a general rule physical products can be shipped to you if the MDA providing the product supports personal delivery. Look out for shipping options in the respective product details. A list of physical Goods can be found under "Category/Goods".

How does the Shipping Process work and which Options do I have?

If you added a physical product to your cart for which shipping is offered (see product details) you find  an option to estimate your shipping cost on the left side of your cart summary. Please select the region you want the good(s) to be shipped to and press "Get a Quote" to see all available options. Select the preferred option and press "Update Total" to update the grand total amount with the estimated shipping cost. Then proceed to checkout where you will be asked for the actual shipping address (your standard address or an individual shipping address). Please note that the shipping cost will be adjusted to the actual shipping address stated and can hence be different from your estimate!

Which Couriers deliver for E-Payment?

Currently E-Payment cooperates with Ghana Post and DHL Logistics on the delivery of goods in Ghana. Check the "Partners/Shipping Partners" section for details.

How long will the Delivery take?

An average delivery time is indicated next to the shipping option.

What is the Cost of Shipping an Item?

The cost for each shipping type is displayed next to the shipping option. The table gives an indication of the shipping cost: