Processing MDA Services


Does E-Payment process MDA Services?

Currently E-Payment does not deal with the processing of documents or workflows. The Ghana eServices Portal has been set up to deal with the actual processing of services, fill application forms or submit/upload data. 

Where do I submit Information (Documents, Certificates etc.) required to process the Service?

If you ordered a service on E-Payment and successfully paid for it, you will be contacted by the MDA providing the service to you. If services can be rendered without requesting additional information from you other than the information you provided to E-Payment (name, registered address) the MDA will provide/ship the service documentation to you within the timeline stated in the service description on E-Payment. In most cases you will need to fill an application or services form and provide documentation. The MDA will contact you by mail to request documents or point you to the eServices Portal section where you are able to provide the information.

Does the MDA providing the Service know about my Payment on E-Payment?

Yes. Every payment information on E-Payment is accessible by the MDA providing the service ordered, hence the MDA is informed about your payment instantly.

Whom do I contact if I am unsure of the type of document required or one or more of the requested documents is not available?

In this case you need to contact the MDA responsible for rendering the service to you. Check "Partners/MDA" for MDA contact details. Make sure you have your Order-ID readily available.