Step 5 - Checkout Process

5.  Checkout Process

>        Step 1 <Billing Information> confirms your actual billing address.
>        Select <Ship to this address> if you want to ship to the same address
>        When selecting <Ship to different address> you are requested to provide the new address data in Step 2, else this step is skipped.
>        Click <Continue>.

>        Step 3 <Shipping Method> requires you to determine the final shipping method for every Service/Product individually using the dropdown menu underneath every Service/Product.
>        Click <Continue> when done.

>        Step 4 <Payment Information> lets you choose the payment method you want to use. Currently E-Payment accepts VISA card payment, eTranzact card payment, cash & Cheque payment via an external network (Payall) and electronic bank transfer.
>        Click <Continue>.

>        Step 5 <Order Review> provides a summary of your Service/Product and shipping selection.
>        Make sure all data are in line with your selection.
>        Confirm the E-Payment <Terms of Use>.
>        Click <Place Order> when done.

>        Your Order is confirmed and you instantly receive an order confirmation with all order details by E-Mail.