Access & Security


Which browsers can be used to use to access E-Payment?

The E-Payment Portal is optimized for the free Firefox browser. You can donwload the latest version from the Mozilla website. If you have Firefox already make sure you use Version 10.0 or above. E-Payment can also be used with any other standard browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari.

What do I do if I lose internet connectivity in the middle of a transaction?

If your internet connection breaks E-Payment will store the latest state and you can resume where you ended up. for instance if you placed two products in your cart already you will still find them in your cart when reconnecting or logging back in. If you were in the middle of checking out and did not make a successful payment yet you have to start the checkout process again by accessing your cart.

Can I access the E-Payment Portal from a mobile device? What do I have to do?

Yes, you can use the E-Payment Portal from any mobile phone or Smartphone that supports internet connectivity. Please go to "Mobile" main section for more details.

Is the E-Payment Portal secure?

The Portal is a secure site (https:) and your data is fully protected. Your data will only be used to communicate information to you and are not made available to any 3rd party. Check the "Terms of Use" section for more details.